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      panel cap with a blue denim shirt, and green wool cardigan over top
      with a floral quilt pattern bandanna around their neck

Hi There!

I'm Jos O'shea,
I'm a web developer in Lexington KY.
Check out what I've been working on!

About Me:

After coding on and off since I was a teenanger I spent the better part of a decade doing I.T. support at an enterprise level. During that time I encountered so many problems that could've been resolved with better code. Being in the situation of helping people navigate through bad user experiences and using lack luster internal tools to do so left a bad taste in my mouth and made me want to solve those problems.

In 2021, I started coding seriously with the intention of being able to create tools and experiences that are useful and meaningful for their users. I'm still learning at this point but some of the languages, skills, and technologies I've learned and am interested in at this point are below:

Current Growth

  • HTML & CSS
  • Bootstrap
  • Responsive design
  • JavaScript
  • Eleventy
  • PostGreSQL
  • Ruby & Rails
  • API design

Other Interests

  • Jekyll
  • React
  • Svelte
  • Ghost
  • TypeScript
  • Python & Django


Coffee Shop Demo Site

This was a quick project to take a break from learning React and get to play with raw HTML and CSS a bit. I originally had it set up as two pages but realized it would be quicker just swapping out the divs

See it on GitHub:  

Random Film Finder

This was my first project utilizing an API. It works by querying for the most recent film uploaded and then querying for a film with an ID between the most recent film's ID and the first ID. Still adding features so consider a work in progress

See it on GitHub:  

Gradient Generator

A JavaScript exercise to create a random background gradient and apply the style to the site and show the CSS gradient as text for reuse

See it on GitHub:  

FizzBuzz Terminal

A fun little proof of concept FizzBuzz app thats designed to look like a terminal command line interface.

See it on GitHub:  

Number Guesser

A browser based game using JavaScript and the CSS framework Bulma to have the user guess a random number within a range they specify

See it on GitHub:  

Bootstrap Demo

This was an effort to practice using the CSS framework Bootstrap. It features fully responsive design and a very nice collection of some of my film photography

See it on GitHub: